ERIN (Specific Action)

ERIN (Specific Action) is a comprehensive returns and reintegration project, financied by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and implemented by partner countries i.e. Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway,Romania, Span, Sweden,Switzerland and United Kingdom. WELDO is an official service provider in Pakistan under ERIN (Specific Action) to provide reintegration support services to returnees from ERIN (Specific Action) partner countries.

Partner countires of the ERIN (Specific Action) are as follows:

This project is financied by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

Aim of ERIN (Specific Action):

ERIN (Specific Action) is aimed at the sustainable return and reintegration of returnees returning to Pakistan from the aforementioned partner countries, either voluntary or non-voluntary.

WELDO is currently working on a number of returns and reintegration projects in Pakistan and has so far provided reintegration assistance to more than 5000 beneficiaries. Based on experience, WELDO is in a position to understand and plan the needs and requirements of these individuals, identify and procure the logistical support, community support and public support that is needed by these individuals to streamline their social inclusion, create an environment for them where their vulnerabilities are safeguarded while ensuring at the same time that they become valuable members of society in both productive and social fields. WELDO will provide both meet and greet and reintegration support services to these returnees. Using its existing manpower, infrastructure and a network of branch offices and links with various local organizations, WELDO will be able to facilitate sustainable returns services to the returnees without any hindrance and difficulty.

Who is eligible for ERIN (Specific Action)?

Under the ERIN (Specific Action), voluntary and non-voluntary returnees from the aforementioned partner countries can be entitled to post-arrival-reintegration assistance. The returnees may belong to different categories e.g. rejected asylum seekers or vulnerable returnees.

What does ERIN (Specific Action) offer?

As a returnee under ERIN (Specific Action), you can be eligible for a number of reintegration services provided through WELDO. Some of the services are given below:


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ERIN (Specific Action) Briefing Note (English)

ERIN (Specific Action) Leaflet 2017

ERIN (Specific Action) Returnee Leaftlet (Pahari)

ERIN (Specific Action) Returnee Leaftlet (Pashto)

ERIN (Specific Action) Returnee Leaftlet (Potohari)

ERIN (Specific Action) Returnee Leaftlet (Punjabi)

ERIN (Specific Action) Returnee Leaftlet (Saraiki)

ERIN (Specific Action) Returnee Leaftlet (Urdu)

French - ERIN (Specific Action) Brief (v2.6)


Pakistan Standard Time
Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Central European Time
Monday to Thursday: 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Friday: 5:00 AM to 12:00 Noon


You can contact WELDO through for an initial meeting and queries.
In case of any complaints, feel free to contact us at
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Phone Number:

If you are calling from Pakistan,dial 0333 5064 039

If you are calling from outside Pakistan, please dial 0092 333 5064 039

You can also contact us on the landline number 051 5154 617


Office# K-06, 2nd Floor, Block 6, DHA Business Bay, Sector F, Expressway Bahria Town-Phase 7, Rawalpindi

House# 30/31-A, Sheet 25, Model Colony, Karachi, Pakistan

ERIN (Specific Action) Partner Countries

  • Austria - Ministry of Interior
  • Australia - Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Belgium - Federal Immigration Office and Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers
  • Denmark - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Finland - Finnish Immigration Service
  • France - French Immigration and Integration Office
  • Germany - Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
  • Greece - Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection
  • Italy - Ministry of Interior
  • Luxembourg - Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs
  • Malta - Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security
  • Netherlands - Repatriation and Departure Service
  • Norway - Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
  • Romania - General Inspectorate for Immigration
  • Spain - Integration of Immigrants Migration Board
  • Sweden - Swedish Migration Agency
  • Switzerland - State Secretariat for Migration
  • United Kingdom - Home Office - Immigration Enforcement