Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I contact WELDO for first meeting?

You can contact WELDO through for an initial meeting. Remember to send your full name as it appears on the passport/travel documents, your return reference number allotted by the respective partner country, the name of the country you have returned from and your contact number in Pakistan.

How long will it take WELDO to respond to my meeting request?

We will respond to all meeting requests within two days and provide you with an appointment.

When will an appointment date be given to me after I make contact with WELDO?

If your case has been referred to us by your counselor in the respective partner country, you will be given an appointment day and time within 2 days of your contact with us.

If your case has not been referred, we will contact your counselor and seek information on your eligibility under ERIN (Specific Action). Once we receive a reply we will let you know by a phone call/email (whichever method you prefer) on the updates we receive.

What is the procedure of receiving re-integration assistance?

The procedure of the reintegration assistance will be discussed in detail during the first meeting of the returnee with WELDO.

How long does the process usually take from return to the provision of re-integration service?

The process of the provision of re-integration service depends upon the approval of the reintegration plan by the partner countries of the respective country of return.

Will I receive reintegration assistance in cash or in kind?

The returnees who are returning from the respective partner countries are eligible for in kind reintegration assistance only.

How long will ERIN (Specific Action) stay in touch with me once I have gone back to Pakistan?

It varies from 6 months to 2 years, depending upon the country of your return. Our ambition to succeed is only excelled by our passion to serve humanity.

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ERIN (Specific Action) FAQ

ERIN (Specific Action):
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ERIN (Specific Action) Partner Countries

  • Austria - Ministry of Interior
  • Australia - Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Belgium - Federal Immigration Office and Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers
  • Denmark - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Finland - Finnish Immigration Service
  • France - French Immigration and Integration Office
  • Germany - Federal Office for Migration and Integration Office
  • Greece - Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection
  • Italy - Ministry of Interior
  • Luxembourg - Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs
  • Malta - Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security
  • Netherlands - Repatriation and Departure Service
  • Norway - Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
  • Romania - General Inspectorate for Immigration
  • Spain - Integration of Immigrants Migration Board
  • Sweden - Swedish Migration Agency
  • Switzerland - State Secretariat for Migration
  • United Kingdom - Home Office - Immigration Enforcement